How To Buy When Inventory Is Low

  1. Expired and Withdrawn Listings – If the home was overpriced in the past and didn’t sell, now would be the time to approach the owners to see if they will sell at a better price
  2. New Listings – Talk to your agent about just-listed or about-to-be listed homes. The alerts you get from Zillow, Trulia, or Homes may be old news and offers may already have been made on those properties.
  3. Contact Owners – I can contact the owners of homes in the areas you are interested in and let them know I have a buyer for their property if they were willing to sell.
  4. Connections – I can find out about homes that may not be made public yet. A “pocket listings” is a property owner who does not want their home publicized like others.
  5. Overlook Issues – If the photos online contain bad photos or show a lot of clutter, be open minded. If all the home specs match your needs, lets schedule a viewing to judge the home up close.
  6. Rental Homes –  The possibility is there to purchase a home that is currently for rent. I can reach out to the investor-owner of the home to see if they are willing to sell instead of continue renting.
  7. Overpriced Listings – After some time on the market, overpriced listings get little activity. I can help with approaching the owner with an attractive offer they may be interested in.

As always, working with a license real estate agent is in your favor. I will work in your best interest in locating and assisting in purchasing your new home. Contact me anytime if you have a question or know of anyone who may interested in my services.

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