Agent Office Space

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New agent office space at Mill City Realty. The team is growing, and we are very excited about our newest member…and more on the horizon.
Real estate agents and brokers still like to argue about whether we work more effectively out of our homes or at a real estate brokerage office. There are some jobs where it is really important to go into work. I have never heard of a heart surgeon who telecommutes or a bus driver who works from a home office.
At the space provided by Mill City Realty it is the best of both worlds. What has been created here is a space that is part office and part home. It is a comfortable space to come in, grab a coffee, setup my laptop and make phone calls. At the same time, the space is set up with a large common space for meeting with clients or trainings. Everything from the carpets, to the lighting to some ambient music makes the “office” a productive space to come in and work.
Having a space to be creative, brainstorm, learn and grow is very important. That’s what we have here at Mill City Realty.
Stop by 182 Prospect St in Manchester, NH and check it out anytime. Stay tuned for a Facebook Live walkthrough of the space in the coming weeks.
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