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What Is A Mini Split Heater?

Unlike resistance heat, which uses electric elements to generate heat, a minisplit heat pump (MSHP) moves heat from one location to another using refrigerant, a compressor, heat exchangers, and an expansion valve. During the summer, an MSHP moves heat from inside the building to the outside. During the heating season, the unit operates in reverse, […]

Increase Income Reduce Expenses

Get Home Smart Today! St Marys Bank is offering FREE classes and education at the St. Mary’s Bank Education Center, located at 48 Perimeter Road Manchester NH 03104.  Below is there October schedule of education classes. Want my FREE Home Buyers Guide? Learn more. Get great tips. Reach your goals. Estate Planning If you have assets—a […]

Insight a Bidding War

Not every property is suited for a bidding war. You will need a combination of desirable property, attractive schools and family-friendly amenities. Here are a few steps to take that you have control over however. Price slightly under market – Using price trends, comparable properties and other local date will help you fine tune a […]

4 Signs You Need A New Water Heater

Buying a new home can feel like a high-stakes gamble—especially if you’re concerned about that rusty old water heater hulking in the corner. New units can cost $1,000 (or more), so understanding exactly how much life your unit has left is imperative. But how long does a water heater really last? Here’s what you need to know to understand its potential life span. […]