Whats New At The Currier Museum of Art

The World Renowned Currier Museum of Art

When you think of art museums, you might conjure up school field trip memories of large white rooms with a select few works of art on the walls that you didn’t quite understand and a curator in the corner giving you a disapproving look, reminding you to stick close to your teacher and don’t touch anything. These memories may have even kept you from visiting museums well into adulthood. While these experiences may still be fresh in your mind, inspiring a sense of boredom when the topic of art museums is introduced, we’re here to remind you to keep an open mind. We can guarantee that The Currier Museum of Art is anything but boring.
The Currier Museum is a highly prestigious and well respected institution that features the original artwork of some of the most famous artists including Picasso, LeWitt and Monet. This internationally renowned museum is located in Manchester, New Hampshire and offers not only the once in a lifetime opportunity to view famous works of art, but also the opportunity to tour the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Zimmerman House as well as take part in studio workshops and art classes. The Currier Museum is located in the historic area of Manchester known as the North End, which features a variety of prestigious institutions. Just across the street is the North End Montessori School. Montessori schools are perhaps the most creative and innovate schools; rather than teach by-the-book, Montessori schools focus on a hands-on, interactive approach to teaching that fosters children’s creativity. Given the approach of Montessori schools to learning, it makes perfect sense that a Montessori school would be located near a famous art museum in the historic area of Manchester.
The Currier Museum of Art is known for having a wide selection of European and American paintings, sculpture and photographs for visitors’ viewing pleasure. Their mission is to inspire their visitors with their diverse art, classes and workshops. They open their doors to adults and children alike to explore the magical world of classical art. Currently on view is Monet: Pathways to Impressionism and The Paris of Toulouse-Lautrec: Prints and Posters from the Museum of Modern Art. The Currier Museum prides itself on always having several intriguing exhibits on at once so that visitors can explore a plethora of artists and genres.
At any given time, there is an event being put on at The Currier Museum of Art. The museum regularly has “Currier after hours” events, such as the Holiday Extravaganza coming up on November 2. This event is a fantastic way to kick off your holiday shopping, as it features handmade crafts by regional artisans. Another “Currier after hours” event is the Zimmerman House Twilight Tour, which is also on November 2. However, one of the most exciting upcoming events that The Currier Museum of Art is hosting is the “Moulin Rouge at the Currier: La Fete de la Saison!” On November 4, the museum will completely transform for a night of what is set to be the “party of the season.” This Moulin Rouge-themed event will feature Parisian tango, can can dancers, aerial performers and so much more! All are invited to experience The Currier Museum in a way that you never have before at this festive event.
Between the exhibitions of world renowned artists, the historic location of the museum and the endless events that the museum hosts, why not visit? Check out The Currier Museum of Art today to explore all that it has to offer.

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