Fall Kitchen Makeover to Reflect the Season

Decorating your home to reflect the fall season is a rewarding project and perfect for hosting Halloween parties or just to get your family in a festive mood. Here are some tried and trusted tips to inspire you:


White pumpkins

White pumpkins are trending on tons of design blogs and Pinterest. You don’t have to go for orange pumpkins anymore, especially if they don’t fit your kitchen color scheme. Arrange the pumpkins on your center island, a corner of the kitchen counter, the bar area or even a windowsill. You can pick up white pumpkins at most stores — try Target, Whole Foods or your local grocery store.

Update kitchen linens in a fall palette 

If you want to quickly infuse your kitchen with a little fall magic, try switching out your current dish towels, napkins and placements for ones in more autumnal hues. Look for cranberry reds, burnt oranges, cool grays and chocolaty browns. This switch will instantly give your kitchen a cozier ambience.

Lazy Susan with fall accents

Place a lazy Susan on your center island or kitchen table and fill it with fall-inspired items. Acorns, mini pumpkins in varying colors, scented candles, dried oranges and corn are a few ideas to get you started. Think harvest and festivity when it comes to decorating your lazy Susan. Your family and guests will be impressed with this unique display.

Hang a wreath 

One of the quickest ways to add a splash of fall to any room in your home is with a wreath, but it makes an especially good accent for the kitchen. Make sure you choose one that features orange and red foliage and perhaps some intermingled branches. Or anything that features dried flowers will do the trick!

Red-berry centerpiece 

A stem or branch with red berries is a surefire way to reflect the colder months. You see this a lot around Christmas time, but red berries are also perfectly acceptable to use in fall decor. Just pair them with other harvestlike pieces such as dried wheat or flowers. To display your berries, use a rustic pitcher for an antique vibe.

Backyard branch center island 

If you really want to do things on the cheap, this design tip is just for you. All you need are some gardening shears and a little inspiration. Take a walk around your backyard and cut some long branches. Next, arrange them in a vase along with some acorns and string fairy lights between the branches. It’s an easy way to bring the outside in and looks very festive when put together.

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