Finding A Good Mover

6 Tips For Finding A Good Mover

  • Check out the moving company
    • www.ProtectYourMove.gov is operated by the U.S. DOT and provides information on a company’s insurance status and safety history.
  • Don’t get caught in the web
    • Anyone can look good on the Internet. Find out the fact at web sites such as www.RipOffReport.com.
  • Use a local mover
    • Or at least one in the state where you currently live or where your new home is. This way, if there are problems, you have better legal venues though the state-based systems.
  • Get it in writing
    • Always ask for a written estimate
  • Review the contract
    • Before you sign, read everything and make sure all the blanks are completely filled out. If you have any questions, hold off on signing.
  • Know your rights
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