Insight a Bidding War

Not every property is suited for a bidding war. You will need a combination of desirable property, attractive schools and family-friendly amenities. Here are a few steps to take that you have control over however.

  1. Price slightly under market – Using price trends, comparable properties and other local date will help you fine tune a price that will attract a local buyer.
  2. Stage your home – Staging help create inviting online photos that makes each room look move in ready. Staging boosts curb appeal and helps grab a buyer who really liked what they saw first online.
  3. Marketing coordination – I will position your home with a great marketing plan that spreads the word to local brokers with active buyers and maximize online and offline exposure.
  4. Call for offers – Using my professional network of local agents, I may call for best and highest offer from buyers.

Visit HERE to get an idea what your house could sell for. Let me know how else I can help.

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