Kitchen Tricks to Add More Counter Space

Counter space is the “location, location, location” you need for storage, cooking and tools. Here are some ideas to stretch your space and still have a great-looking kitchen.

  1. Use pretty canisters to hold often-needed, non-perishable items. Choose clear glass jars, stainless canisters, or crockery to enhance your décor and keep things at your fingertips.
  2. Group countertop items to create an intentional look. Layer cutting boards against the backsplash and use a pretty serving tray to hold large utensils, seasonings, and olive oil.
  3. Organize your drawers by adding an in-drawer spice rack or knife block. Check what organizing trays are available at retail stores to help add functionality to your space.
  4. Add a towel bar to the side of a cabinet. Choose from a wide variety of finishes to match your style. The bar can get your towel off the counter and with the addition of S-hooks, can provide space for hanging pots and pans.
  5. Sit a cake stand next to your sink to hold soap, sponges, etc. Besides being pretty, the stand provides double-decker space.
  6. When space is at a premium, storage for frequently-used small appliances can be difficult. Choose a toaster or blender whose color and shape you like and look good on the counter.
  7. If space and function suggest that you keep utensils, such as ladles, spatulas, and wooden spoons, in a canister near the stove, choose these tools in matching versions or that look good as a group. If they match your countertop appliances, they will look even more stylish.
  8. Put your backsplash to work with a magnetic knife holder or a repurposed towel bar or curtain rod, which can be used to hang pretty mugs or dish towels. Pegboard added to your backsplash is crafty-chic and adds even more flexible storage.

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