Making Your House Autumn Perfect

Fall is that special time of year that brings crisp air, changing leaves and pumpkin spice everything. If you’re ready to trade out the beachy, summer-themed decorations for some fall home décor, check out these awesome tips for turning your home into a fall-lover’s paradise.

Warm and Spicy Scents

Want your house to smell like autumn walked in and hugged everything? Bring the scents of the season inside your home by lighting candles, burning incense and simmering yummy spices with water in a small pot. Some fall-inspired scents include cinnamon, apple, nutmeg and cloves.

Natural, Earthy Colors

Fall is Mother Nature’s way of giving us one last blast of color before winter comes, and what an array of colors she provides! Add decorative touches in orange, brown and red hues, such as throw pillows, centerpieces, rugs and slipcovers.

Seasonal Shelf

Your mantel is the perfect place to showcase your favorite fall decorations. Hang a seasonal pennant and dress up the space with pumpkins, raffia, burlap and Indian corn. It will look Pinterest-worthy before you know it!

Porch and Front Door

Your guests will feel right at home when they come up to a porch that is fall-ready. Hang an autumn wreath on your front door and add seasonal touches such as hay bales and scarecrows to your porch for an authentic feel. One cute and creative idea is to make DIY paper porch “lanterns:” Buy flameless LED candles and place them in paper sacks with a little sand to weigh them down.

Mason Jars Reimagined

As if they already weren’t perfect for everything, mason jars can also serve as cheap and easy fall centerpieces. Fill them with things such as dried beans and corn, mini pumpkins and bunched-up raffia or straw.

Cozy Comfort

You want guests to feel at home, so swap out your normal throw blankets for thick, fall-colored blankets. Lie them on the backs of chairs and on your sofas to encourage snuggling.

Get Artsy

Fall is the perfect time to swap out some of your art. Hang Halloween or harvest-themed art in place of your original pieces. These small switches can make a big difference and change the entire feel of a room.

Autumn is beautiful and colorful, making it a perfect theme for home décor. Decorate your house to celebrate the season.

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