Trump readies ban for specific Chinese goods as trade deadline looms

The stock market dropped more than 350 points on Thursday when CNBC reported that President Trump was unlikely to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping before the March 1 trade deadline. If no trade deal is agreed upon before the deadline, additional tariffs will be levied on goods coming from China. The Dow Jones, S&P […]

3 Way to Make Your Attic Reno Unique

The word “attic” conjures up images of dark, dusty relic storerooms that just happen to be hidden in plain sight. For plenty of homeowners, their attics are full of treasure, just not the kind you might think. Their treasure comes in the form of square footage. Renovating an attic into living space can be a […]

Rates holding steady…for now

After this blog was originally published, President Trump announced that he and Congress have reached a deal to temporarily end the government shutdown while working on a long-term funding solution. The signs of a slowdown are plentiful. China’s economic growth has slowed to a level they haven’t seen in nearly three decades, the United Kingdom’s […]

7 Things to Know About Whole-Home Generators

January 22, 2019 Rich Racine There’s little more frightening than losing your electricity in the middle of a big winter storm or even a spring tornado. Whatever natural disaster is common in your area, you have probably experienced at least one major disaster in your life. Because of that, you may tend to linger around […]