Maintain, Minimize, Manage

Homeownership is a privilege and a responsibility falling into one of three categories: maintenance, minimizing expenses and managing debt and risk.  Even after decades of owning a home, you may still need some help to handle some of these challenges. One of the most frequent calls REALTORS® receive from past customers is to ask for […]

It’s ‘National Roof Over Your Head’ Day!

Did you know that each year in the United States, we celebrate “National Roof Over Your Head Day” on December 3rd? As noted on the National Calendar, it was “created as a day to be thankful for what you have, starting with the roof over your head. There are many things that we have that […]

Boomers Can Maximize Net Worth with Real Estate Assets

You have spent years paying off your mortgage. Maybe you can afford to buy a rental or vacation property. Or buy your trophy home and entertain family and friends. Or perhaps you need some home equity to pay for college tuition. Lots of home and real estate decisions to make. A big part of your […]

Entertaining for Holiday Parties

The holiday season always seems to sneak up in subtle ways. You may find yourself intuitively switching your pumpkin spice latte order for a peppermint mocha, dawning more red and green than usual, receiving holiday cards in the mail, or craving a night on the couch watching your favorite Christmas movie. However the feeling of […]

The True Cost of Not Owning Your Home

There are great advantages to owning a home, yet many people continue to rent. The financial benefits are just some of the reasons why homeownership has been a part of the long-standing American dream. reported that: “Buying remains the more attractive option in the long term – that remains the American dream, and it’s […]

7 Reasons to List Your House This Holiday Season

Around this time each year, many homeowners decide to wait until after the holidays to list their houses. Similarly, others who already have their homes on the market remove their listings until the spring. Let’s unpack the top reasons why listing your house now or keeping it on the market this winter may be the […]

How to Maintain the Wooden Floor

Purchase the right cleaning tools The minute you realize that you are dealing with wooden floors, you need to get the right cleaning tools. These include a microfiber dust mop, a vacuum, and a cleaning solution. The microfiber dust mop is essential since it has a very soft cleaning surface. It means that you don’t risk […]

5 Simple Steps to Hosting an Unforgettable Friendsgiving

The orange, red, and yellow leaves crunch under our feet while the scent of pumpkin-spiced lattes wafts through the crisp air along with the sounds of football and cheering. The autumn season is upon us. Some of us will be traveling to meet family on the third Thursday of November; others will be hosting Thanksgiving […]