Spring Cleaning for a Spring Sale

House cleaning product on wood table

We all want to get the best bang for our buck when it comes to selling our house, but sometimes we miss some of the ‘must do’ things before we have our first open house. Here is a handy guide for a few tips and tricks to make your house look show-room new.

1. Clean. Clean. Clean. Now, this is certainly no secret to selling a home, but sometimes we overlook some areas of our house when it comes to cleaning. Clean your windows inside and out. Sparkle is free. Also, don’t forget to clean all mirrors in the house from bathroom and bedroom to hallway and living room.

2. Do A Little Yard Maintenance. Rake your yard and trim your hedges. Clean out flower beds and boxes too. Transplant tulips to areas that will be seen by potential customers. If that’s not in the plan, buy some inexpensive containers of flowers and place them around for added color. Consider having trees trimmed as well if it’s in the budget.

3. Give Your Place An Airy Feel. Things you can do to make your home look like a show place include polishing floors, setting out fresh flowers, and utilizing towels and throws in pastel colors. Also, don’t forget to clean your drapes, curtains, blinds and even your shower curtain. The more you put into your place, the better your chances are of getting the best ROI.

4. Go Above And Beyond. While cleaning, de-cluttering and sprucing up area all very important, you can also add a few small touches to make your place stand out. You can do this by setting out treats like candies or cookies. Another trick is to light a food scented candle that makes your kitchen seem like a bakery with cinnamon rolls or apple pie.

5. Last But Certainly Not Least. Add some brightly-colored balloons to your mailbox, hand railing or light post. It’s eye-catching and fun! Maybe even have a few extra balloons to give to the kids who come on the house-hunting trip.

While you may know of some of these tips and tricks, hopefully you picked up one or two you didn’t know. Here’s to a great spring market! Happy selling!

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