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3 Ways to Get Instant Curb Appeal

From landscaping to exterior finishes, there are plenty of ways to make your listing a standout in curb appeal. Houzz, a home remodeling website, recently showed off a few high-impact ways to boost a home’s exterior aesthetic. Paint the front door. Put a fresh coat of paint on the front door, which is what potential […]

Keep Your Backyard Bearable With These Cooling Features

Porches and beautifully decorated outdoor spaces are incredible places where you can enjoy the summer. However, sometimes the summer heat can be just a little too much. Combat the heat this summer and keep nice and cool by adding some of these heat solutions to your backyard landscape.   Misters Misters have long been used […]

5 Lawn Care Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Yard

Everyone wants a lawn covered with lush green grass and verdant plants. But what mistakes are preventing you from achieving this? Read on to learn about some common lawn care mistakes and how to prevent them. 1. Cutting Grass Too Short Experts advise cutting off no more than 30 percent of the grass blade in […]