Why It Pays To Work With A Pro

The top 10 things that I can do to make you a successful home seller

  1. Provide data showing current local home prices.
  2. Show your home and hold open houses…so you don’t have to.
  3. Answer potential buyers’ questions at all times, every day.
  4. Network with other real estate pros to get the word out about your home.
  5. Negotiate on your behalf for the ideal price and terms in selling your home.
  6. Explain and educate you in the home-selling(and buying) process from beginning to end.
  7. Complete all necessary paperwork for listing, purchase-offer acceptance and closing/settlement.
  8. Conduct business in a confidential and professional manner according to the NAR cod of ethics.
  9. Assist with questions after your closing/settlement.
  10. Work to find you a new home to buy locally or locate a trusted real estate agent in the area you’re relocating to.
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